SAVE OUR SLOPES - Resources & Petition Links


Our Southern Alberta streams are in danger due to the recent approval of coal mining in our province.

The leaching of selenium and other pollutants into waterways is common and an unavoidable consequence of coal mining. This will result in the contamination of several blue ribbon trout streams in southern Alberta. Ultimately decreasing hatch rates and will cause deformities in the trout and birds.

We are looking at 3 centuries of environmental ramifications if the government gets their way.

Below Our a Few Links that you can help us do our part, Every signature helps!

Stop Open-Pit Mining from happening around the Canadian Rockies! - Petition

Stop the Alberta Government from selling our Mountains - Petition 

Stop Grassi Protect The Rockies - CPAWS

A Call for oversight on new coal developments in Alberta - CPAWS

Take Action Against Coal Mines in the Rockies - BHA