Salmon Side Note

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While Alberta fishing is always a never-ending adventure, we take every opportunity we can to take a trip outside our comfort zone and experience new things. That said, we shared last week on the gram our latest fishing excursion back in fall 2020. 
If you are from Alberta or anywhere inner continent, fall is one of the best times to adventure to the west to salmon fish. Known as an anadromous species, a common question we get asked is just how far salmon can migrate upstream during the spawning season. While different salmon species travel to different lengths, Chinook, Spring and King salmon can travel a whopping 3200 km up the Yukon River to spawn. In comparison, imagine running from Calgary to Ottawa once per year! 
While this journey for a human to embark on would mostly barrierless, the same cannot be said about the salmon's experience. Between predation from bears and human obstacles such as dams, salmon have a hard time ahead of them. For instance, a recent article mentions that salmon become too tired to use the Whitehorse fish ladder (a ladder that has been in use since 1959) after a long trip upriver. These “ladders” appear more like a staircase that the fish can use to get past dams. Luckily our environmentally conscious communities are looking out for these fish and are working towards tackling these ongoing problems.  

While there are many obstacles for salmon and all fish species, it's essential to ensure that as leaders in the outdoor industry, we continue to practice environmental stewardship. To learn more about the struggles of being a salmon and the environmental impacts that affect them, check out CBC's recent blog post here.

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