Big Hill Springs Gravel Pit Update

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park


The gravel pit that will cause ecological destruction to Big Hill Spring was approved. The Rocky View County voted in favor of the proposal yesterday with a vote of 6-3. Several people and organizations voiced their concerns over the potential gravel pit including Alberta Environment and Parks, Bighill Creek Preservation Society, Trout Unlimited Canada, and 31 presentations (all opposing the gravel pit) that were sent in for the hearing. Despite this, they still made the decision. Crystal Kissel a counsellor who voted against the had this to say:

"When a council puts industry over people, the council has failed"

We at 7ROutdoors are disappointed and downright sad about this decision. Lately it feels like our government and those who are supposed to represent the public are failing us, and this in turn makes us feel like we are failing the environment..